Developing the Organizational and Personal Self

Many of us live two lives—one at work and one at home, neither being completely fulfilling or complementary. Often we allow conditions within our control to block us from becoming our most dynamic and effective selves or from enjoying fully satisfying and effective relationships and partnerships with others.

The Developing the Organizational and Personal Self workshop explores concepts that will help you bring your best self into focus, enabling you to be more intentional, effective, and joyful in choosing how to lead your life. D/OPS can be a place to redefine yourself and see yourself beyond the labels and roles placed on you by the world—by work, family, friends, and yourself.

Using powerful group and individual self-exploration techniques, this intense advanced personal growth experience will guide participants through greater self-knowledge and choice in interactions with others. The program is designed to assist attendees:

  • Gain greater clarity about the organizational and personal life you want and the steps needed to achieve those.
  • Take greater control of your boundaries and better understand the effects they have on being the person at work and at home you want to be.
  • Communicate more clearly, directly, candidly and authentically with others, and with yourself.
  • Uncover and eliminate self-diminishing behaviors.
  • Understand the projections and transferences you make onto others.
  • Identify personal values, strengths and qualities essential to becoming the self you most want to be.

Tuition is $1,950.  It is set at this level to encourage seekers of advanced personal growth to join D/OPS.  There is no discount.

Course begins at 2pm on September 30th and ends at 12:30pm on October 5th. 
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