Organization Development Certificate Program - US

Delivered through NTL’s action research and experiential learning

The OD Certificate Program (US) is acclaimed for its adaptability to the busy calendars of its participants.

It is not a cohort program which is unique. Progress is made through the ODCP at a pace which fits the participants schedule.

NTL Institute is a global non-profit with rigorous OD Certificate Programs in the United Kingdom, India and soon be held in Saudi Arabia.

Course Details

  • Five course program
  • Flexible schedule
  • Experiential in-person
  • Courses in Seattle, WA and Leesburg, VA
  • Typically completed in two years
  • Tuition - $15,900 payment options available

Requirements To Earn An Organization Development Certificate

NTL Institute’s OD Certificate Program is comprised of five steps, in which six workshops must be completed. Please refer to the table below for more detail. Participation in the Human Interaction Laboratory is prerequisite to the program. These foundational laboratories are critical to learning at NTL and to working effectively with others in the ODCP workshops.

Step of ODCPWorkshop Name
I Theory and Practice in Organization Development
(Choose one)
Critical First Steps in OD
Group Process Consulting in Organizations
III Diagnosing Organizations with Impact
(Choose two)
Facilitating Strategic Planning
Intervention Strategies
Leading with Agility
Working with Dynamic Teams
(Choose one)
Facilitating and Managing Complex Systems Change
Leading Organizational Change
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