Leading with Agility

Agility and adaptability are required of an accomplished leader.

Leading with Agility takes an intensive look at being an effective leader, one who somehow supports innovation in tandem with getting day-to-day operations completed.

Leadership calls for purpose-driven interaction – sometimes spontaneously and sometimes after thoughtful reflection. This workshop will promote the ability of a leader to use an array of approaches to foster a goal-focused environment which enables creation, innovation and effective action.

Elements & Expectations

  • Leadership Styles
  • Building Team Trust
  • Creative Tension: Its Effective Use                          
  • Supporting Others during Change
  • 10 Dimensions of Agile Leadership          
  • Content & Process         
  • Accountability
  • Demarcating Boundaries             
  • Assessing Effectiveness as a Team Leader           
  • Leadership Styles

The tuition fee for this course is $3,900. Tuition fee does not include accommodations.

The course begins at 8:30am on the first day and ends at 3pm on the last day.

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