NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences is governed by a Board of Directors.

Members of the Board are elected from within the membership. Two external members of the community also serve to provide the leadership with a stakeholder perspective in its decision-making affairs. Board terms are two years, and members can serve for two consecutive terms. In addition to the Board’s fiduciary and administrative responsibilities, this group also sets the vision and direction for the organization, and manages the President who is the chief executive officer.

Board Leadership

Janie L. Payne

Janie L. Payne


Steven Cady

Steven Cady, Ph.D.

Michael Ciszewski 300x300

Michael Ciszewski

Elena 300x300

Elena Feliz

Jill Vert 300x300

Jill Hinson

grey box

Shelly Hossain

Antoine Johnson

Antoine Johnson

John R. McCall

John R. McCall

grey box2

Ritwik Mishra

External Board Member

grey box3

Judith Noel

grey box4

Charles Perkins

Executive Management and Staff

Ted Tschudy 300x300

Ted Tschudy, Ph.D.


Alan Klein 300x300A

Alan Klein

Director of Finance

Selma 300x300

Selma Kuurstra

Director of Administration

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