NTL Membership

NTL members are the core of our organization and help fulfill NTL's mission in a variety of ways!



    • Members are our training faculty


    • Members are academic researchers, who publish on topics related to our mission such as learning, inequality, and race


    • Members are avid writers who publish books on topics related to our mission


In return, NTL offers members opportunities for personal growth, involvement in developments within their professional fields, and opportunities to help shape our organization's future.

    • Members are part of NTL's governance structure through board and committee membership


    • Members actively take part in NTL's Hubs to further certain topics and/or to support developments within their areas of expertise


    • Members connect with one another and share ideas by engaging with NTL's vibrant social communities on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and internally though our Slack Community


    • Members may position themselves as thought leaders in their profession by contributing to Jabs


    • Members are included in our Member Directory, designed as a tool to find and connect with others





NTL welcomes new members into its organization through a (yearly) application process. Those interested in a membership are encouraged to connect with an existing member, who may be willing to 'sponsor' their membership application. Please connect with our Chair of the Membership to receive information about the upcoming application process.

The following characteristics and behaviors are considered indicative of a successful NTL membership:

    • Working effectively in partnerships in a community of learners (commitment to double-loop learning)


    • Engaging in intellectual dialogue


    • Sharing ideas and resources generously


    • Embracing pluralism and respecting differences


    • Demonstrating curiosity about individual development -- their own and others'


    • Modeling integrity and keeping commitments


    • Demonstrating an interest in community development, political action, and/or social justice


    • Being be a self-starter, taking pro active action


    • Thinking creatively and taking risks




Membership Categories

NTL has two forms of initial memberships:

    • Individuals who are active in the field of organizational development and/or applied behavioral science and who have a demonstrated commitment to the mission of NTL and who have the competencies, and abilities to further the work of our organization


    • Students in an accredited organizational development and/or applied behavioral science program and who have shown a demonstrated interest in furthering the mission of NTL