NTL Member Journal Articles

Matt Minahan and Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge

Building OD Education for the Infinite World of Tomorrow

What type of developmental experiences will prepare us to be grounded enough to
be able to support our clients (not to mention ourselves) in working in such complex
change environments—not just conceptually but in practice?”

Matt Minahan and Robert Crosby

The Classic T-Group

“Oh, man, are we gonna sit here all day? In this silly circle? I wonder what the agenda is? Why won’t they just tell us what we’re going to do? If someone doesn’t speak up soon, I’m gonna go nuts . . . And why don’t the leaders just lead?”

The inner monologue of a typical T-group participant on the first day.

Matt Minahan

OD: Sixty Years Down, and the Future to Go

“As the field approaches 60 years, there are many things to be proud of, some things we could have
done better, a number of assumptions we have about who we are, and some hard choices ahead
about who we want to be in the world, if we chose to rouse ourselves from our history of slumber.”

Matt Minahan

Working With Groups In Organizations

The history of human endeavor is full of huge accomplishments that far exceed the capacity of any one person or group. They are often our most complex and demanding tasks, requiring interdependence among people and groups, leadership, communications, constructive norms, differentiated functions and roles, and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to understand and mobilize human behavior toward a common goal.

Matt Minahan

Preparing for High Impact Organizational Change

From both sides to all sides: Creating common ground where there has been none before.

Matt Minahan

OD and HR

Do We Want the Lady or the Tiger?

“We are witnessing and participating in an unprecedented dissolution of the boundaries of the field of organization development. In organizations around the world, the HR function is monopolizing the OD function at an unprecedented pace, which is limiting our reach, blunting our effectiveness, and compromising our role.”

Developed By The OD Gathering

Moving The OD Field Forward

Our ask of you . . .

We hope to receive your support for the frameworks we have created so we all can stand on common ground as we teach and practice Organization Development (OD). Our request is that you read through what follows, consider how it might impact you and the work you do in the world, and respond to us with your feedback as follows:

Matt Minahan, Bob Marshak and Others

Change Our Name, Change Our Game

“Unless we wake ourselves from this reverie, the field as we know it now will be irrelevant in 10 years and extinct in 20. We can’t afford to be people of the stars without the serious grounding in business and operations that the real world demands today.”