Virtual Learning Forums

Short, virtual, low cost learning opportunities

Virtual Learning Forums (VLFs) are a new program initiative developed by NTL to provide short, virtual, low cost learning opportunities that are accessible to a broad range of participants from around the globe. VLFs will be one to four hours long and presented via a virtual internet link. They will feature concepts and practices, often in an experiential format, that speak to the range of contemporary issues in self-development, groups and organizations.

VLFs will be presented by NTL members and NTL guest presenters and scheduled as presentation ideas are brought forward and developed. NTL will publish a list of scheduled VLFs on the NTL webpage. You can get a notification of new VLF presentations by leaving your name and email information or the "I want to be connected" page of the website.

To be announced

Virtual Learning Forums are being developed, stay tuned!