Journeys of Race, Color & Culture:

From Racial Inequality to Equity & Inclusion

Journeys of Race, Color & Culture: From Racial Inequality to Equity & Inclusion

Leadership Skills for Navigating Race Difference Constructively

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The tuition to this Lab is $1,900 USD and does not include accommodation costs.


Journeys of Race and Color: Undoing the Effects of Racism in Self and System

A Deep Dive Laboratory Learning Experience for Change Agents and Racial Justice Warriors


Racial justice warriors on the frontlines know that the world is not "post-racial", in any sense of the word. Micro- (and macro) aggressions continue to be perpetrated against People of Color every day, as well as against Jews and "othered" ethnics. White Supremacy Culture endures. But the walls have begun to crumble in some social contexts, including some workplaces, as certain skills are brought to bear in combination with our passion for the labors of undoing racism in ourselves and in the systems we touch.

Seasoned practitioners understand that for each of us, our Self - the quality of our presence and how others feel about themselves and learn/change in our presence - is our best intervention. Use of Self is a critical aspect of competence, along with the needful knowledge and skills. This laboratory learning program presents a mix of conceptual frameworks interwoven with periods of praxis and reflection toward more effective Presence and Use of Self.

The conceptual frameworks presented inform Use of Self and practice aimed at undoing racism and White Supremacy Culture at all levels of system, from the intrapersonal level to interpersonal, group, intergroup, and whole systems levels. The foundational conceptual framework for the lab is the Journeys of Race, Color, & Culture Continuum (Huntley, R., Moore, R., and Pierce, C. 2017). In addition, other models are reference to support the work at different levels of system, such as

  • social power dynamics
  • social identity theory and intersectionality
  • emotional and social intelligence
  • Johari Window
  • percept orientation
  • power equity

A copy of the text, Journeys of Race, Color, & Culture: From Racial Inequality to Equity & Inclusion (Huntley, Moore, & Pierce, 2017) will be sent to you once you have registered, along with information about how to prepare for the lab. Please note that this program is an intensive experiential learning experience. Participants can expect to work in various large and small group configurations and to receive up to two individual coaching/support sessions with one of the co-facilitators.

The lab will take place over a period of four days in a residential setting, beginning at 4p on Day One and ending by 2p of Day Four. After a dinner break, there will be evening sessions that will end at 9p.

Co-facilitators: Rick Huntley and Rianna Moore

You can read more about Rianna and Rick below

Additional Design Notes

K-S-A/Use of Self Competency Model

Percept Orientation - for working at intrapersonal level, especially around projection and scapegoating

Kubler-Ross model for adapting to negatively perceived change - for application to self, and for understanding this process in others

Intersectionality - look at this, using lines chart, to self-assess around how one's unique intersectionality impacts how one shows up in the work, in conflict and tension across social difference, etc.

Coming to a shared understanding of how we got to this place supports our efforts to undo the crushing effects of racism on our souls and on our very lives.

The tuition to this Lab is $1,900 USD and does not include accommodation costs.


Facilitator Bio's

Rianna Moore:

Rianna Moore, PhD (she, her), has been a professional of NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science since 1998. Dr. Moore is an OD/DEI&B educator/facilitator, consultant, and coach with extensive experience in the corporate (high-tech, engineering, finance, manufacturing, HR, etc.), government, and higher education sectors. Current or recent client systems include Brown-Forman, the Center for Creative Leadership, Lockheed-Martin, Sandia Labs, Novant Health, the NHL, and NAVAIR/US Navy. Prior corporate clients include Aetna, AMD, Clarian Healthcare, GE, HP, IBM, Intel, Motorola, P&G, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Royal Bank of Canada, Texaco, and Xerox. Government agency departments consulted to include Interior, USDA, DOE, GAO, DOJ, NOAA, and USPS. She has led projects and facilitated programs for Michigan State, Stanford, UConn, and the AMA, among others, and was adjunct faculty at Georgetown University. Rianna was an OD/DEI specialist at the Director level in her last assignment as a F-T employee in a Fortune 25 high-tech corporation.

As a member of NTL, Rianna is faculty for NTL's flagship train-the-facilitator program and dean of the Diversity Work Conference. She has represented NTL in several engagements in Europe, most recently as Dean of a Power Equity Learning Lab in Milan. She coaches and mentors developing OD/DEI specialists and continues to practice program design and management; power equity theory and practice (training/consulting with flat-structured groups and teams); emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social sensitivity and skills); team development; conflict resolution; learning event design and facilitation; motivation, competency modeling, strategy creation, and leadership coaching. Early in her career, Rianna served on the faculties of several colleges and universities, including the SUNY system, Norwich University, and Northern Essex Community College. International work experience includes Italy, Canada, Russia, Scotland, Germany, and Nationalist China.

Rianna holds the PhD in Human & Organization Systems from Fielding Graduate University (FGU; dissertation title: Close Friendships Between Black Women and White Women in the US: Fostering Connection in a Culture of Disconnection); also, an M.A in Social Psychology from Fielding and an M.S. from SUNY. In addition, she studied at SUNY Buffalo, Harvard, and Simmons. Rianna has been a presenter at national ODN conferences, NTL Annual Membership Meetings, FGU National Sessions, and at the Jean Baker Miller Conference at Wellesley College on topics related to racial justice.

Rianna leads tours into U.S. race history (scheduled annually and on request). She is co-author of Journeys of Race, Color, & Culture: From Hierarchy to Equity & Inclusion (2017) and several articles on DEI and the nature of energy in human systems (see "Understanding and Using System energy: Practitioner Competency Development" in Practicing Social Change, 2014). She is contributing a chapter on Power Equity theory and Use of Self for OD/DEI practitioners to the upcoming third edition of The Change Handbook and working on a manuscript that explores the impact of organization structure on DEI as well as other writing projects.

Currently at home in Western New York, Rianna has lived previously in New Mexico, New England, and Taiwan Nationalist China.

Contact information:; 505-331-8930 (t, v, vm); 9 Middlesex Drive, Fredonia, NY 14063


Rick Huntley

Rick Huntley is a highly skilled leadership and change consultant, coach, and teacher with demonstrated ability to facilitate learning and skill development using group development theory and experiential learning to develop the client's core skills for leading across race, gender, and other dimensions of difference. Rick consults to labor, healthcare, medical research, and in the government sector.

A member of NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science since 2003, Rick was for many years on the faculty of two of the organization's signature programs designed to develop practitioner skills for facilitating interpersonal and group-level learning and development in NTL's Human Interaction Labs. He was a managing faculty member for NTL's Diversity Leadership Certificate Program and served as Chair of NTL's Board of Directors from 2012 through 2014.

A few of Rick's recent publications include "Designing a Better Box for Gallese, Italy: Diversity/Inclusion and Social Power in a Global Context" (OD Practitioner, October 2016) and "Understanding and Using System Energy" (Practising Social Change, November 2011), both with Rianna Moore.

As a member of the faculty for the American University Masters of Organization Development Program (Washington, DC), Rick taught Group Theory and Change Facilitation and currently co-facilitates Learning Community Time in that program. He also taught in the Executive Certificate in Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Management at Georgetown University's Continuing and Professional Education Program.

Rick completed graduate study at Howard University in Washington, DC; did his undergraduate study at Morgan State University's School of Social Work in Baltimore City; and earned a post-graduate certificate in Organization and Systems Development from the Gestalt OSD Center in Cleveland. He is an award-winning speaker with Toastmasters International.