Courses in Organization Development

How to do change well

Organization Development (OD) programs at NTL today are delivered as courses or modules-we call them "learning communities"-which are highly experiential in nature and yield highly applicable learning for our participants. 

In our catalog of offerings you can find Virtual On-Line learning as well as traditional in-person learning.

NTL's programs are based on over 70 years of experience working with groups in its learning programs and organizations in the US and other parts of the world.

Foundations of Organization Development

Organizational leaders, external consultants, and HR professionals are called on to help design change efforts, shift mindsets, and enhance delivery of results. Learn how to apply behavioral science to dramatically improve real-world performance.

Group Process Consulting in Organizations

Participants learn to "use themselves" in the role of process consultant and group member. The overall goal of the course is to prepare you to become a more masterful supporter of high performance in groups in your role as a group consultant, staff and/or group member. The program is a "deep dive" into the group process consulting role.

Diagnosing Organizations with Impact

A critical task for organization development is to accurately diagnose the cross currents of information that exists within every organization. You will explore organizations as open systems, use organizational diagnostic models, and learn to balance the roles of diagnostician and being a practitioner of organization development.

The Power of Feedback

Recent research confirms that organizations with a feedback-rich culture drive global breakthrough success, inspire individual accomplishment, and ensure personal, and group ownership of tasks and goals. In this virtual, experiential lab, we present the essential concepts of an equity, diversity, and inclusion mindset and reframe how to use the power of feedback to enhance individual, team, and organization performance, learning, and growth.

Dynamic Team Performance and Coaching

More than ever before, our work is shaped by different types of teams: intact teams, virtual teams, teams on the go, new teams, legacy teams. In this virtual lab, participants will gain an understanding of what enhances and diminishes team performance and leave with experience and frameworks to effectively intervene.