NTL Coaches Understand Us

NTL provides coaching services to executives, managers, teams, leaders, and individuals in a variety of organization and community settings.

NTL coaches understand how people accomplish work within systems and are particularly effective as coaches in organizations. Coaching is also provided outside of organizational settings to community leaders, consultants, coaches and other individuals. NTL coaches connect what is core for the individual to the contexts in which they live and work.

The coaching focus may include individual coaching, team coaching, peer coaching, mentor coaching and some combination. Coaching can also be combined with training to facilitate the transfer of coaching knowledge and skills into the workplace and community. Examples of coaching services include:

  • Coaching for individual development and performance improvement
  • Executive and leadership coaching that support organization development and change initiatives
  • Team coaching to enhance communication, collaboration, and performance and achieve team goals.
  • Mentor coaching to guide coaches on their path to mastery.
  • NTL's ApplicationPlus® coaching program.  In this program individuals who have participated in an NTL lab are coached on applying their new skills and behaviors, and lessons learned to their work and life.

Our coaching core values and beliefs reflect NTL's experience and history with ABS theory and practice, the values and ethics of NTL Institute, and the core coaching competencies and code of ethics of the International Coach Federation (ICF). These values, ethics and competencies differentiate NTL's coaching practice from consulting, mentoring, counseling, and therapy.

If you are ready to take yourself, your team, or your community to the next level, contact us today!