Transforming Through T-Groups: The Facilitator's Journey

...the journey begins with virtual steps then a face-to-face T-Group

Transforming Through T-Groups

Learning to facilitate the learning of others

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Were you intrigued with your own learning experience in an NTL Human Interaction (HI) Lab? Would you like to be on an HI Lab staff and facilitate a T-Group yourself, impacting -maybe even transforming -the lives of participants?

If so, Transforming Through T-Groups (TTTG) will be a necessary and vital step along your pathway.

TTTG is an intensive, challenging, advanced-level train-the-trainer program required of NTL members who want to qualify to staff NTL's signature HI Labs. It is open to non-NTL members as well. The program goals are to:

  • Develop participant competencies in four key areas: 

    1. Facilitating T-Groups
    2. Managing diversity and inclusion dynamics
    3. Designing, presenting and facilitating experiential learning modules
    4. Preventing distress reactions, and recognizing and responding to such reactions should they occur

  • Provide training in effective T-Group facilitation for all participants.

Program Requirements:

Participants must have successfully completed an NTL Human Interaction Laboratory before attending this program. 

Program Outcomes

Successful completion of Transforming Through T-Groups (TTTG) will enable participants to:

  • Understand the five stages of group development and the group dynamics that are present in each stage
  • Intervene effectively at individual, interpersonal and group levels of T-Group systems to support individual and group learning
  • Understand the power dynamics involved in interactions across multiple dimensions of social identity group differences
  • Track and describe diversity, inclusion and social justice dynamics in ways that create an inclusive and positive learning environment
  • Design, present and facilitate experiential learning modules
  • Create learning structures that help prevent distress reactions
  • Recognize and respond to distress reactions if these occur

Program Elements

Program elements include:

  • Theory & practice of group development
  • T-Group methodology
  • Theory & practice of diversity & inclusion
  • Multi-level system & power dynamics
  • Creating a safe container for learning
  • Intervention skill practice
  • Complexity of social system dynamics
  • Restoring social equity
  • Increasing self-awareness

A Blended Learning Approach

TTTG uses a blended learning approach that incorporates various synchronous and asynchronous online learning methods, including a series of webinars; an 8-day face-to-face learning experience devoted almost exclusively to T-Group facilitation practice; and follow-up coaching/mentoring support for NTL members during their initial HI Lab staffing experience.