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Group Process Consulting in Organizations

Help groups and teams become high performance

Group Process Consulting in Organizations

The relationship between behavioral science and real-world improvement

Virtual Tuition: $1,995 USD

There will be no charge for the OD Certificate Trackers who have Paid in Full. Trackers who are paying on installments or on a course by course basis will be charged according to their contracts.

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NTL's programs are based on over 70 years of experience working with groups in its learning programs and organizations in the US and other parts of the world.

We offer you an virtual opportunity to explore the use of classic and contemporary group dynamics concepts "in action" as group members and as group process consultants. Participants learn to "use themselves" in the role of process consultant and group member. The overall goal of the course is to prepare you to become a more masterful supporter of high performance in groups in your role as a group consultant, staff and/or group member. The program is a "deep dive" into the group process consulting role.

Group Process Consulting in Organizations is a learning laboratory for understanding and intervening in groups, with the organization in mind.  Groups are primary working structures in organizations and this learning experience is focused on understanding group process and consulting to it. This experience will introduce a variety of lenses through which group process dynamics can be understood. Opportunities are provided to observe key dimensions of group development and use reflective interventions to help groups increase their effectiveness. This course is highly recommended for professionals who participate in organizational groups, and want to improve their group "emotional intelligence" in order to support the development of effective teams and other groups in their organization.

Elements and Expectations

As a participant in the Group Process Consulting in Organizations course, your experience will include:

  • Exploring Group Dynamics Theory in the form of "lenses" which help identify key elements of group development and effectiveness such as phases of group development, decision making, leadership, group roles and working with differences;
  • Honing individual skills in observing and intervening in groups;
  • Understanding group, individual and organization levels of intervention;
  • Identifying patterns in groups and organizations and translating the understandings of what is going on both inside and outside of individuals and groups in the organization;
  • Developing a familiarity with how groups work at the overt and covert level;
  • Recognizing barriers to high-performance group functioning;
  • Using one's self in group process consulting; and
  • Learning from participant case studies.

The Virtual on-line version of Group Process Consulting in Organizations consists of eight -  2 hour, 15 minutes (135 minutes) - sessions. Registering once registers for the related sequence of eight sessions.