Engaging Change

Delivered through NTL's action research and experiential learning

The taproot of Organization Development and the formation of NTL Institute goes back to Kurt Lewin and the founding parents of NTL over 70 years ago.

Organization Development (OD) programs at NTL today are delivered as courses or modules-we call them "learning communities"-which are highly experiential in nature and yield highly applicable learning for our participants. 

In the United States, the ten or more OD courses are designed and delivered as independently standing courses open to enrollment by the public without prerequisite. We are frequently joined by accomplished leaders, Human Resource specialists, Leadership Development professionals and OD practitioners from a broad range of organizations and market sectors. Together with the expert knowledge and facilitation of NTL member faculty, this combination makes for a rich learning environment. These same OD courses may be structured to comprise an Organization Development Certificate Program (ODCP). The Human Interaction Laboratory is a foundational prerequisite to the ODCP.

Logo of Practising Social Change

As a global organization, NTL Institute is committed to provide Organization Development learning opportunities around the world. Thoughtfully sequenced OD Certificate Programs annually engage cohorts of professionals and students in the United Kingdom and in India. The Human Interaction Laboratory is incorporated into the program as Module I in India and the U.K.

Organization Development (OD) Certificate Programs

US OD Certificate Program

Program located in the United States. The US program is presently under review and re-development. Contact us if you are interested in knowing when it resumes.

The OD Certificate Program (US) is acclaimed for its adaptability to the busy calendars of its participants.

Requirements To Earn An Organization Development Certificate

Please note that NTL is not accepting registrations for its U.S. Organization Development Certificate Program at this time. The U.S. Certificate Program is under review and re-development. If you would like to be informed about NTL's plans for the US Certificate Program, or if you have any further questions or would like to speak with an NTL representative, please contact our main office.

UK OD Certificate Program

Program located in the United Kingdom


The NTL Global Organisation Development (OD) Certificate Programme is a carefully integrated sequence of six experiential learning modules, designed to provide participants with a thorough knowledge of the underlying principles and theories of OD and help build their capabilities as OD practitioners through increased mastery of 'use of self.'

The programme is suited for individuals --- e.g., consultants, Human Resources professionals, leaders, managers --- who have worked in human systems for a number of years and want to extend their knowledge, skills and confidence through a challenging, integrative learning experience.

Designed for a diverse, intact cohort of colleagues, the programme draws on participants' commitment to support learning at multiple levels of system: whole, group, and individual.

For more information and to enroll, please visit the UK NTL OD web site.