SJ Hub Call: Caste System in India – Part 2 Discussion

Date: November 11, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm ET

Join us for the upcoming SJ Hub call on November 11! We’ll kick off the session with a check-in and important updates on social justice. Following that, we have an engaging presentation in store for you, building on the insightful discussion of the Caste system in India. For those who participated in our October call, we extend our gratitude for your engagement and are delighted to continue exploring this topic.

We are excited to announce the return of Sushma Sharma and Khirod Pattniak for Part 2 of their discussion on the Caste System in India. In this session, we’ll delve deeper into this complex issue and explore its potential implications for NTL.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Systemic Racism: A Bane of NTL?
    • We will draw parallels between systemic racism and the caste system, seeking to identify potential lessons and opportunities for NTL’s ongoing commitment to social justice.
  • NTL’s Global Perspective:
    • We will explore the notion of whether non-US members may encounter challenges analogous to the marginalized “Dalits” within NTL. It’s an opportunity to address questions related to NTL’s global inclusivity and the potential barriers to achieving a more balanced representation.
  • The Impact on NTL’s Identity:
    • We will reflect on how the understanding of caste dynamics might contribute to NTL’s identity, encouraging a more comprehensive and global approach to our organizational mission.

A Recap of Part 1: Sushma Sharma and Khirod Pattniak took us on an enlightening journey in the first part of their discussion. They explored the historical origins of the Indian Caste System and its evolution into a rigid structure. British colonial practices reinforced these divisions, creating complex social dynamics. India’s constitution was established with the core principles of justice, equality, liberty, and fraternity for all citizens. The use of affirmative action aimed to uplift lower castes while intensifying social tensions. Sushma and Khirod posed thought-provoking questions related to NTL and its own internal dynamics.

Engage and Stay Informed: The presentation slides from Part 1 and the final slide featuring questions pertinent to NTL are available on our SLACK channel. Additionally, the recording of this session will be posted on the SJ channel on SLACK for your reference.

Join us for a stimulating discussion on November 11 as we explore the intersection of the Caste System in India and its potential implications for NTL. We value your active participation in our shared journey toward a more inclusive and socially just world.

Note: To access the presentation slides and recording, please visit our SLACK channel dedicated to Social Justice Discussions.

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