Social Justice and NTL

NTL Social Justice

NTL's genesis, in 1946, was in a pioneering workshop in New Britain, Connecticut that trained community leaders to support the implementation of Connecticut fair employment laws. As in the beginning and throughout its 75-year history, NTL remains at its core committed to diversity, inclusion and the power of collaborative inquiry and problem solving. NTL's work continues to be about promoting a greater capacity for understanding and partnership across diverse social identities within a social justice context. We do this through:

  • Striving to live the values of diversity and inclusion within our membership community through self-study and reflective examination of our own practices as an organization as well as the quality of our interactions with each other.
  • Respecting and valuing individual development and potential as a fundamental core of our program design and facilitation as well as in our other services to NTL clientele.
  • Giving voice to NTL's core values in the public discourse as a part of the membership commitment to its espoused values.
  • Providing public programs and services such as coaching and consulting that specifically enhance the capacity of individuals and organizations to realize their full capacities for equitable treatment of others and creating human systems that evoke the creative potential of all members.

NTL Diversity and Equity programs and services

Journeys of Race, Color & Culture: From Racial Inequality to Equity & Inclusion

A Deep Dive Laboratory Learning Experience for Change Agents and Racial Justice Warriors - Leadership Skills for Navigating Race Difference Constructively.

Exploring Whiteness learning laboratory

White supremacy works by keeping whiteness unexamined. When whiteness is seen as the 'default' or 'just normal', white privilege and power go unchecked and people excluded from whiteness are systematically disadvantaged and dehumanized. Interrogating whiteness disrupts that process.

NTL Statements on Contemporary Social Justice Issues

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